Visiting Contractors, Subcontractors and Non-Contractors are those who are on the island to perform a particular scope of work, including but not limited to, renovations, repairs or maintenance of buildings, lots or units as well as Designers, Consultants, Engineers, etc.

Prior to beginning their scopes of work, all Contractors must register with the Fisher Island Community Associationís Public Safety Department.  In order to set up a profile on,  each Contractor is responsible for  requesting a unique user name and password which can be done by emailing and  In this email, be certain to include your email address, company name and the unit number where the work is being done. Please note that a General Contractor may not access a Subcontractor's profile unless authorization has been supplied to Public Safety via email.

Once Public Safety receives your email notification of your intent to register, a profile will be created at which time you will receive confirmation of your user name and password to access

You will upload all of your required registration documents in the appropriate fields to be reviewed for accuracy and validation i.e., licensing, certificate of insurance, valid government issued identification, vehicle registrations, etc.

You will be responsible for reviewing and maintaining valid documentations during the course of your project, failure to do so will result in denial of access.

A criminal background check will be conducted on each employee. Those with certain criminal backgrounds will be denied access.

If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the registration package and/or the registration process, please feel free to contact us.

Albert R. Cusson
Assistant Director of Public Safety
Fisher Island Community Association, Inc.
One Fisher Island Drive, Fisher Island, FL 33109
305.604.2346 (Office)

Beverly Joseph
Office Administrator
Fisher Island Community Association, Inc.
One Fisher Island Drive, Fisher Island, FL 33109
305.695.3075 (Office)