About FICA

Fisher Island Community Association (FICA), the Master Homeowners’ Association of Fisher Island, is organized pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 720, Florida Statutes. Along with Florida Statutes, FICA is governed by its Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and the Master Covenants of Fisher Island.  Its primary responsibilities are managing, maintaining and improving the common areas of Fisher Island, administering rules and regulations, and making and enforcing assessments of owners for maintenance and improvement expenses. FICA fulfills its responsibilities through six departments: Transportation, Horticulture and Landscaping, Public Safety, Accounting, Administration and Human Resources. Along with administering and enforcing the Master Covenants, FICA ensures that Fisher Island is in compliance with governmental regulatory authorities, including, but not limited to, Miami-Dade County’s Department of Permitting, Environment and Regulatory Management (DERM), the State of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the U.S. Coast Guard, and the City of Miami Beach.

In addition to the Fisher Island Club, there are twenty-two Condominium Associations and one Neighborhood Association (Valencia Estates) that make up the fabric of Fisher Island. All of these entities, as well as Club members, residents, their guests and invitees, are subject to the Master Covenants of Fisher Island and FICA’s Rules and Regulations. Anyone who purchases property on Fisher Island is required to become a member of FICA.

Each FICA member pays an assessment (billed quarterly), which covers the cost of the Transportation System (ferry and commercial tug boat and barge operations, shuttle buses, docks and landings and the employee and contractor parking facility, and the leasehold at the Port of Miami); the Horticulture and Landscaping Department (island horticulture and landscaping, street lights, ponds, roads, fountains, beaches); and the Public Safety Department (public safety, access control and emergency preparedness). FICA’s departments and administrative staff are comprised of approximately 200 employees working three shifts a day, every day. About fifty percent of FICA’s annual budget is expended in the Transportation System, ensuring a high level of ferry and commercial barge services.

The seven members of FICA’s Board of Directors consist of four persons appointed by the Developer, including the President and Chief Executive Officer, and three resident directors elected by the Voting Members to serve a three-year term. At present, there are twenty-two Voting Members which consist of one person elected by twenty-one Condominium Associations and the Neighborhood Association.

There are two sub-committees of FICA’s Board of Directors. The Rules and Regulations Committee, comprised of three members appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for enforcing FICA’s Rules and Regulations. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC), comprised of three individuals appointed by the Developer, is responsible for reviewing and approving proposed construction projects on Fisher Island in accordance with Article VIII of the Master Covenants.

FICA takes pride in the level of service it provides to its members. Through its open-door policy, all FICA members are encouraged to provide constructive criticism on any FICA policy or procedure.